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Dr. Dan Schaefer PhD

How expensive is it to make a mistake? Of course, it depends on the particular mistake. Even so, the exact cost is almost impossible to calculate. That’s because we end up paying for every significant mistake at least three times:

  • First, there’s the cost of taking the action that later turned out to be a mistake.
  • Then, there’s the cost of responding to and recovering from the mistake.
  • Finally, there’s the cost of opportunities you lost – and probably opportunities your competitors gained – because of the mistake.

Dan Schaefer and Peak Performance Strategies are simply about identifying–early–anything that may get in between you and top performance.

Dr. Dan works with people in business, sports & entertainment. Dan is a confidential sounding board for CEOs, entrepreneurs and groups throughout the United States, South America, Europe and Asia, advising them on people, culture and the psychology of the workplace.

He has developed breakthrough strategies in sports performance for professionals: NFL, NHL Goaltenders, Major League Soccer, boxing, ultra & extreme runners, golf, tennis, skiing and amateur athletes. Consultants, sports agents, GM’s and coaches also rely on Dr. Dan to get their teams performing at their best.

Dr. Dan Schaefer PhD Speaking Sample