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If your organization is in need of a steady stream of content based Public Speakers or just a few, PublicSpeakingNY.com is a great place to begin. Our Keynote speakers range from FREE up to fee based content.

Some speakers are motivational and other speakers are content based such as Human Resources, Healthcare Reform, Jeweler Appraisals and much more.

PublicSpeakingNY.com is not a speaker’s bureau. It is a cooperative between a handful of speakers, their website developers and their video production company.

Who is PublicSpeakingNY.com for?

Clubs and organizations often times need to reach out beyond their membership and bring in public speaker who are interesting, amusing, topical and/or educational.

The founders of this website also run a networking organization http://www.LIBRANetworking.com and they are constantly bringing in friends and fellow business people who are good at public speaking and add value to the meetings.

We figure we might as well share the wealth and provide a website for speakers and organizations to come together.

Most of the speakers are friends, clients, networking partners and fellow business people. They are great speakers, great business people and experts in their field.  

Why would some people speak for free?

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Most of our speakers are business people. As a specialist in their field many of them are successful in attracting new business because their content-based lecture also showed off that they are experts in their field. This is a win-win arrangement since their lecture will be topical, targeted and content based but there is also an opportunity to network with audience members and possibly make a new business contact. 

Each speaker who speaks for free has a posted "Free Range" indicated by the symbol on the left and followed by a map of their speaking area. It is still up to you and the speaker to negotiate the terms of the talk. They may require a specific demographic of audience or a minimum audience size. Speakers have the right not to speak for an organization that does not fit their specific goals.  

Featured Professional Speaker:

Jim Ryan - Jim Ryan is a standout speaker in our pool of speakers. Jim is hired nationally as a motivational speaker. His topic is all about happiness. Jim runs Video Blog and an email list called Aha Moments and has been hired all over the country.

Jim Ryan has several books, a twelve part DVD and a twelve part Audio CD program for purchase. 


Categories (So Far):

Authors - 

        "Click" - Dr. Dan Schaefer PhD 
          "Millionaires' Secrets Revealed"
  Robert Kothe
          "Simple Happiness" - Jim Ryan

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

        Joy Graceffo


            Mark Siegel



            Henry Montag

Healthcare Reform

            John Klimchak



            Marvin Soskil


Jewelry / Jewelry Appraisals  

            Marvin Soskil


    Susan A. McLaughlin, Esq.  Speaking Topics:

  • Build It Like You Love It! – The Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax Essentials for Building a Business That Grows
  • Eleven Mistakes Business Owners Make and How to Avoid Them
  • Let’s Talk Money – How to Price Your Services So Your Business Meets Your Needs
  • Estate Planning for Your Family
  • Planning for the Protection of Your Children
  • Special Needs Planning
  • Estate Planning After Divorce

 Life Insurance Crisis 

            Henry Montag


            Robert Kothe

            Joy Graceffo


Motivational Speakers

            Jim Ryan


Sales Training

            Rich Isaac

            Rob Fishman

Social Networking

            Robert Kothe

            Joy Graceffo


Sports Collectibles

            Les Wolff


Sports Performance

            Dr. Dan Schaefer PhD 

Video Production and Video Marketing

            Robert Kothe


        Website Tips    
                Joy Graceffo
                Robert Kothe
        Leverage Your Website to Increase Your Business
                Joy Graceffo
                Robert Kothe



Audio Visual Integration

Speaker Promotion

Website Design

Video Production